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Did anyone else notice that the guy from My Bloody Valentine was on the new episode of Leverage last night?  It was Kevin Tighe who played the character of Ben Foley in the movie.  Huh.  Anyone want to play the Six Degrees of Jensen Ackles Game?  I bet it's more fun than the Kevin Bacon version. :oP

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We play Six Degrees of Jensen Ackles allllll the time.

Unsurprisingly, Jessica Alba really helps his connections.

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LOL, really?! That's hilarious. But seriously, it's gotta be totally fun. :D

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You should check out the IMDB page of Jim's new show Harper's Island. I looked through and besides Jim and Katie Cassidy the girl from Wendigo is in it, another guy was in F13 & Christmas Cottage, plus Ronald Reznick(NightShifter & AYTGIMM?), Brad from TenInch Hero, the kid that played young sam in Something Wicked, a girl from Sin City, Sophie, from Dead in the Water, pride from Seven Deadly Sins, the museum guide from Long Distance Caller, a guy from Houses of the Holy and that is just with a quick glance and only first person connections. Several others have a connection through Smallville as well. Granted the whole filming in Vancouver thing adds to the connections but it is still a pretty impressive list of links when you delve into it.

Sorry, but I love doing 6 degrees of Jensen, I just usually bug my husband with this stuff. lol

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That is so cool!!! That also made me remember the episode of CSI Miami that aired the other night (I dunno if it was new) guest-starred the girl that played the young virgin Nancy from Jus in Bello. Ha! Small fricken world. ;o)


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