And I realize that they are just that: RUMORS.  But would it really be so bad for this man to procreate?  Really...REALLY?!  I mean, c'mon! 

Cuz my LJ needs some pretty...

But, umm, would it be too much to ask if I could be the bearer of his children?

Cuz Jensen likes redheads/brunettes, y/y?...

I can haz Jensen babies in my belleh???  Plz?  Kthnxbye!  ;oD

PS - Three more days until new SPN!!! \0/

From: [identity profile]


Damn like picture of Jensen is *amazing*! I think that its fine he has children as long as its with me! its just strange how they say he's "married" to think random chick!!! UGH.


From: [identity profile]

IKR?! If he's married, I will cry. I will be happy for him, but I will be sad that he didn't marry me. :'(


From: [identity profile]

eep! THHHHHHREE DAYS!!! ♥ *dances*

and oh man =D I call dibs on God mother to your mini-Jensen-love-child! ;] ♥

From: [identity profile]

LOL! You got firsties on God-Mother, heehee! You can babysit when Jenny and I need to "practice" procreating again...and again...and again...


From: [identity profile]

Did I miss anything?! What rumors?!*eek*

*lol* You should check out the new entry I posted, then maybe you even know, how your kids would look like.:D

From: [identity profile]

What rumors?!*eek*

Some crazy obsessed psycho who has apparently been "stalking" Jensen online for years has posted that he is married and is going to be a daddy. But take her word with a grain of salt. Other fangirls have said this girl really is crazy, lol!

I'm gonna check out your new post. I totally wanna see what Jensen's and my children would look like, heehee! ;D


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