Three things about SPN episode 4.17 that made me LOL:

1) Smith & Wesson........LMFAO!!!! XD

2) Dean: My father Bob, mother Ellen, and sister Jo.
    Sam: Fiancee' Madison who I called and got an animal hospital......LMFAO!!!! XD

3) "Angel or not, I will stab you in your face.".................HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! XD

This was a nice break from the angst and I needed a good laugh.  But I was guessing it was gonna all end up being an "angel trick".  Ah well, Zachariah had a point.  Hunting is in the boys' blood, no matter what. *nods*

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Oh, man, I laughed SO hard at Madison at the animal hospital part... So inappropriate but so funny. Sometimes dogs just need to be put to sleep...

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Sometimes dogs just need to be put to sleep...

That, my friend, made me almost spew soda outta my nose, hahahaha!

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Knowing Sera's writing history, that probably really is what she meant, lmao!

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The Ghostfacers were hilarious too - I totally called it when Dean said he found a website.

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Yeah, this was a nice little break from all the angst overload. The funny stuff in this ep was made of win!!

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I seriously think that this:

Angel or not, I will stab you in your face.

...should be a bumper sticker slogan or something, lmao! It's funny, but the way Jensen delivers the line just makes it that much more hilarious! I wanna download it and listen to it on a loop over and over, hahaha!

Ahh, the stupid simple things that make me laugh. XD


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