Look up the word "pretty" in the dictionary and you will see this face:

I mean, seriously.  SERIOUSLY.  This man is prettier than a 4 year old, button-nosed, curly-haired flower girl, dressed in flowing white lace, throwing baby pink rose petals at a June wedding. o.O

I have never before used or heard the use of the term "pretty" so much when refering to a man.  But there is just no other word to better describe the absolute undeniable gorgeousness that is Jensen Ackles.

No wonder most fic writers cast him as the sub or the bottom (me included).  As tough and sarcastic as his portrayal of Dean is, he cannot hide his pretty prettiness.  It is universally impossible.  It makes you want to cuddle and protect him from everything and everyone and preserve what you might think is pure innocence.

Jared may have the "puppydog" look that makes girls swoon, but Jensen could be holding the cutest, furriest, most adorable puppy on the planet and no one would notice because they'd be too busy staring at Jensen's pretty, pretty face.

That is all.

From: [identity profile] onlyonechoice.livejournal.com

Ohhhh, Jensen triggers the "T loves preppy-looking guys" switch in me. Jared can rock the shaggy 'do and look cute, but mmmm, Jensen. Love you, man.

From: [identity profile] cricket52579.livejournal.com

Mmmm yes, preppy indeed! But yet Dean is the compete opposite of preppy and Jensen can pull off that character as if he was born to play the role. It boggles. But I'll never turn down a Dean-type or a Jensen-type. No way, lol!

From: [identity profile] witchy78.livejournal.com

What you say is, of course, true ;o) But what I also noticed in this epi was the excess of lipstick on Jensen's lips ! Seriously on some scenes, his lips are clearly pink !!! But I guess the coloring in this epi was different too, so... it might explain...

From: [identity profile] cricket52579.livejournal.com

I think it was whatever color lens filter they were using for this ep. It was more colorful, kinda like how Smallville is filmed. Jensen's natural lip tone must have just looked really pink with the bold color with which they were filming. I know what you mean, though. His lips did look really pink. And that certainly doesn't go against the "prettiness" factor. LOL! ;o)

From: [identity profile] witchy78.livejournal.com

His lips did look really pink. And that certainly doesn't go against the "prettiness" factor.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!
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From: [personal profile] lavendergaia

You know, I read mostly bottom Jensen/Dean only because I think Jared is the toppiest top to ever top. I can see Dean/Jensen topping, I just can't see Jared/Sam bottoming, so it just works out that way. Know what I mean?

From: [identity profile] cricket52579.livejournal.com

I know what you mean. Jared just doesn't seem like a bottom, at least not when paired with Jensen. I don't mind fics where they switch, as long as it's mostly bottom!Jensen. That's just the way I prefer them. :o)
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From: [personal profile] lavendergaia

Agreed. :) Usually when fics are labeled bottom!Sam or bottom!Jared, I skip over it. It just doesn't fit right for me, no pun intended.

From: [identity profile] eviljellybean88.livejournal.com

is it wrong that i want to put a wig on him? lol *face palm* *iz ded from the epic prettiness* :D

From: [identity profile] cricket52579.livejournal.com

LOL! He doesn't even need a wig. He's prettier than a girl all on his own. XD


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