Look up the word "pretty" in the dictionary and you will see this face:

I mean, seriously.  SERIOUSLY.  This man is prettier than a 4 year old, button-nosed, curly-haired flower girl, dressed in flowing white lace, throwing baby pink rose petals at a June wedding. o.O

I have never before used or heard the use of the term "pretty" so much when refering to a man.  But there is just no other word to better describe the absolute undeniable gorgeousness that is Jensen Ackles.

No wonder most fic writers cast him as the sub or the bottom (me included).  As tough and sarcastic as his portrayal of Dean is, he cannot hide his pretty prettiness.  It is universally impossible.  It makes you want to cuddle and protect him from everything and everyone and preserve what you might think is pure innocence.

Jared may have the "puppydog" look that makes girls swoon, but Jensen could be holding the cutest, furriest, most adorable puppy on the planet and no one would notice because they'd be too busy staring at Jensen's pretty, pretty face.

That is all.

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