shanrocks: (seriously blue jimmy)
( Mar. 28th, 2008 10:33 am)
 Argh! So I was looking up the DVD "27 Dresses" on to find out when it'll be released (which is April 29th, yay!) and not only is the cover art ugly and boring (just my opinion, of course) but the order of the actors billed for the movie is sooooo screwed up.  James Marsden FINALLY gets the girl, but does he get top billing in the movie alongside Katherine Heigl? NO!  He doesn't even get second billing!  HE DOESN'T GET ANY BILLING AT ALL!  What the frig is wrong with these people?  Giving Edward Burns top billing??? He's not even a main character in the film! Yes, I see that they're billed alphabetically - I don't care!  It still pisses me's just stupid!  Like I said, ARGH!!!  

Sorry, I just needed to rant.


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