I know that everyone says that the SPN boys are not in any type of competition when it comes to their movies, but the fandom is another story.  So in an attempt to quiet down some of the "his movie did better at the box office" words that have been thrown around the fandom (not many, but some), I took it upon myself to go over what there is of the actual box office numbers for each movie (only through the second weekend).  And what I saw was quite surprising.

Although F13 did better opening weekend than MBV (almost twice the $), shockingly MBV pulled in better numbers than F13 during their respective second weekend out.  F13 dropped a whopping 80.4% during its second weekend, only pulling in $7.9 mil, while MBV only dropped 52.9% during its second weekend, pulling in another $10 mil.

MBV second weekend at the box office:

F13 second weekend at the box office:

Having said that, F13 has still made more money than MBV in just its first two weeks running, but it looks like MBV did (or will do) better in theaters overall as far as less of a drop in percentage per week.  I just felt like I needed to put this out there for people to see that BOTH of the boys' movies did quite well in theaters.  Neither one of the movies outshined the other.  And I am equally happy for both Jared and Jensen.  :o) 
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( Feb. 18th, 2009 08:44 am)

Did anyone else notice that the guy from My Bloody Valentine was on the new episode of Leverage last night?  It was Kevin Tighe who played the character of Ben Foley in the movie.  Huh.  Anyone want to play the Six Degrees of Jensen Ackles Game?  I bet it's more fun than the Kevin Bacon version. :oP
Ok kids, I saw My Bloody Valentine 3-D last night and under the cut is my **VERY SPOILERY** review.  To read my non-spoilery review GO HERE.

This way to the spoilers... )

Just in time for the MBV movie release and Valentine's Day. <3

Click on pic for full size.


Resizing is fine.
Please credit! :)
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( Jan. 3rd, 2009 11:49 am)
New Year, new layout, new pretties!  I think I just about changed everything on my page except, of course, my username (which I wish I could change without spending friggin $15, grrr) and my posts.

Feel free to stop by and say hi!

PS - It's finally January.  Anyone hear any juicy news about Supernatural, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Friday the 13th, or Jensen and Jared?

PPS - Does anyone know where I can find a good SPN mood theme?

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( Dec. 30th, 2008 04:37 pm)
First movie clip from the movie My Bloody Valentine.  Oh my God, Jennnnsennnn!!!!!


Dear Mr. Padalecki,

If for some reason both remakes of Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine (3D!) are released on the same weekend (Feb. 13th/14th '09), I will be shelling out my hard earned cash for the lesser known classic slasher flick.  And it has nothing to do with which movie is gonna be better or scarier or, haha, slashier.  No sir, I will be warming the movie theater seat inside the doors under the header My Bloody Valentine 3D because of something much more important than silly stuff such as scariness and popularity.  I will not miss my chance to see your best buddy and SPN costar, Mr. Ackles, strut his cute little ass on the big screen.  But please, do enjoy youself as you run screaming from Jason.  I will not be thinking of you.



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