For all you James Marsden fans out there:  This might be a little something to get a wee bit excited about.  A potential movie that Jimmy's name may or may not be attached to.  But a gal can hope!  (I just wish Kevin Smith's name was still attached to direct, but beggers can't be choosers, I guess.)

Happy Supernatural Day, everyone!!!!  Tonight we get Castiel and a look at a new angel who looks like he could pass as Big Papi's brother.  Winchester boys, trick-or-treating, angels, and smiting entire towns all in the same epi? *iz excited*

Got Snow?  I do.......almost 20 inches of it.  Ugh.  Weather man said be prepared for a couple inches of the white stuff.  Everyone else around us got a couple inches or nothing but rain.  We lucky folks living in the higher elevations got SLAMMED.  I've lived here in the Poconos for 16 years and we've NEVER had this amount of snow before Halloween.  This is not a good sign for the coming winter.

snow peekshures under the cut... )

And last but not least (cuz a homegirl's gotta represent)............

  Congrats to the Philadelphia Phillies for winning the World Series!!!!!



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