Alright, fandom, thanks to your votes Dean has made it into the TOP TWO!  He made it to the Championship Round! \0/


Now that Dean’s come so far, it’s imperative that we VOTE FOR DEAN and spread the word to VOTE FOR DEAN like never before! This is a NEW AND FINAL POLL that will decide the CHAMPION of the 2009 Fandom Steel Cage Match March Madness! Dean is up against last year’s champion Barney Stinson (Neal Patrick Harris) from the TV comedy How I Met Your Mother. This is going to be a tight race, so you need to do your part and get the word out to VOTE FOR DEAN! This is fandom against fandom, so we need to show everyone out there that the Supernatural fandom is a force to be reckoned with!


Thanks for your vote and HAVE FUN!


2009 Steel Cage Match FINAL POLL

CLICK HERE to see how far Dean has come since the beginning of the poll.


I'd been thinking about creating a poll like this for a while, ever since watching the Paley interview when Jensen said that he'd first auditioned for the part of Sam Winchester.  It made me wonder what it would be like now if Jensen had played Sam and Jared (or another actor entirely) had played Dean.  And then I started to wonder: What would it be like [Poll #1349005][Poll #1349005]
Here we are at the beginning of Supernatural Season 4!  Wow!  We've been following the hunters Winchester for a while now, and I'm sure most of us know the boys better than they do themselves. XD  But, with S4 being dubbed The Dean Show by many fans because of Dean getting most of the face time in the early plot, I've been wondering how fans feel about certain characters, especially the boys.  I'd like to know, if you [Poll #1282293]



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