Hi, flist! *waves*  Remember me?  The perpetual lurker and commenter?  So, yeah, I haven't posted on LJ in a while.  Shame on me for being too damn lazy.  I'll try to make up for it in this post.  Let me count the ways....

1)  I think the nine month long relationship with my boyfriend has finally reached the end of its rope.  Things have been heading downhill for a while now, but when the guy hasn't called you for a straight two weeks (even though you've left countless messages via phone, email, myspace, etc.) so you can talk to him and break it off with him like a mature adult, his seemingly immature self is not cooperating.  -_-  So right now, boys suck.

2)  I was devistated to find out that two characters in a series of books I've been reading for years will NOT be getting together.  *cries*  Why oh why?!  Why would the author taunt and tease you with two dynamic reoccurring characters, having them flirt and fight and be drawn together with each new book, and make her readers fall in love with the pair, only to decide that the next book will involve one of the pair having a book based around her and having her fall in love with some other new guy?!?!?!  And to top it off, the guy she's leaving behind will have his own book, only it won't be a romantic suspense/mystery novel, but just a straight romance!  Gag me with a spoon!  It's almost as bad as someone writing a fic where it looks like Scott and Logan will get together in the end, only to write that Logan ends up with Jean and Scott ends up with someone else that we've never heard of before and don't like, and that they'll be reduced to spouting romance fluff.  *sigh*  That's just so wrong. :(

3)  This is really cool, but if it was me in the kayak I'd probably crap in my panties.

4) Throwing a shout out to [info]sg_fic.  Girl, when are you gonna post up your Australia/Notebook crossover fic???  You're killing me here.  I need me a Jimmy/Hugh fix and quick!  Anyways, hope you are doing well.  We miss you already!

5)  Not to forget  [personal profile] cyndrarae either.  Still waiting on In the Beginning and Obey and any other X-Men Scott/Logan fic you've got up your sleeve.  Please don't make me resort to begging.  It's not a pretty picture, believe me.  But I'll do an amazingly funny happy dance if your muse for X-men fic writing returns soon. :)  

6)  And yes, I know I'm slacking in the X-Men fic writing department too.  But fear not!  I have drafts of three little gems that need to be shined up before posting for all to read.  I promise to do that asap.

7)  Isn't my nephew the cutest little one-year-old you've ever seen?  Ok, maybe I'm a bit bias, but he is just so damn adorable! 

8)  I might be moving in a few months and will be in need of a new job.  Things are about to get crazy.....

Anyways, enough of my ramblings.  Have a good day, flist! :D


shanrocks: (seriously blue jimmy)
( Mar. 28th, 2008 10:33 am)
 Argh! So I was looking up the DVD "27 Dresses" on Amazon.com to find out when it'll be released (which is April 29th, yay!) and not only is the cover art ugly and boring (just my opinion, of course) but the order of the actors billed for the movie is sooooo screwed up.  James Marsden FINALLY gets the girl, but does he get top billing in the movie alongside Katherine Heigl? NO!  He doesn't even get second billing!  HE DOESN'T GET ANY BILLING AT ALL!  What the frig is wrong with these Amazon.com people?  Giving Edward Burns top billing??? He's not even a main character in the film! Yes, I see that they're billed alphabetically - I don't care!  It still pisses me off...it's just stupid!  Like I said, ARGH!!!  

Sorry, I just needed to rant.


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