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[116] Supernatural (and SPN actors) icons

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Three things about SPN episode 4.17 that made me LOL:

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Just in time for Spring!


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Fading Existence - A Dean Fanmix

Genre: Hard Rock, Alternative
This is definitely a 'jammin in your Impala car' type of music. :D
Zip File: (megaupload) (sendspace)


Won’t Back Down – Fuel
(megaupload) (sendspace)

I know what darkness means
(and the void you left for me)
The isolation stings
(So think it wants to bleed)
The echoes in my brain
(Of the things you said to me)
You took my everything
Now I'm coming for you!

Right Before Your Eyes – Hoobastank
(megaupload) (sendspace)
When the door shuts
Don’t worry about me
Its not attention that I want from you
I need you to trust who I’m gonna be
And in everything I’m going to do
Cause I’m not afraid
Of what I don’t know
For understanding is all that I earn
What is for sure is I’m going to go
I’m going to live and I’m going to learn

 Papercut – Linkin Park
(megaupload) (sendspace)

Everybody has a face that they hold inside
A face that awakes when I close my eyes
A face watches every time they lie
A face that laughs every time they fall
(And watches everything)
So you know that when it's time to sink or swim
That the face inside is watching you too
Right inside your skin

 High Wire Escape Artist – Boysetsfire
(megaupload) (sendspace)

Bleed out all empathy this vessel has no

Spirit left to hold on to lies Ive lived in full
How long can I hold tight with every movement
Tension binds and denies my true nature
The balance has shifted warped sick and twisted
Grabbing at angels when I fall

Until You’re Reformed – Chevelle
(megaupload) (sendspace)

This is not for real
Forever pleasing someone
The first and last begins
You martyr, you child

 Easier To Run – Linkin Park
(megaupload) (sendspace)

It's easier to run
Replacing this pain with something numb
It's so much easier to go
Than face all this pain here all alone
Something has been taken from deep inside of me
The secret I've kept locked away no one can ever see
Wounds so deep they never show they never go away
Like moving pictures in my head

For years and years they've played

 Bleed For Me – Saliva
(megaupload) (sendspace)

All I ever wanted
Was to be at your service
But now I'm alone
Cause you were here and you're gone
And all I ever wanted
Was to feel I had a purpose
But now that's all gone

 Sad Exchange – Finger Eleven
(megaupload) (sendspace)

Quietly thinking to myself
Sharing half our mind instead of none
The shakings just begun
The pleasantries are gone
This sad exchange pleased neither one of us

 What I’ve Done – Linkin Park
(megaupload) (sendspace)

In this farewell
There’s no blood
There’s no alibi
‘Cause I’ve drawn regret
From the truth
Of a thousand lies
So let mercy come
And wash away
What I’ve done

 Night Drive – The All-American Rejects
(megaupload) (sendspace)

Drive all night
Never gonna get me
Night by night
To get away from it all
Fight fight fight
All you wanna do is hurt me
You wrecked my life
So I'm gonna have to drive all night

 Hang On – Seether
(megaupload) (sendspace)

My selfish enemy
Still has the best of me
Empty and feeling numb
Wish I could take it away
I can’t control the need
Too weak to not concede
Wish I was deaf and dumb
Wish I could fake it
I gave my life away
There’s nothing left to say
I gave my life away
You take it in your way

 One Step Closer – Linkin Park
(megaupload) (sendspace)

I cannot take this anymore
Saying everything I've said before
All these words they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Less I hear the less you'll say
You'll find that out anyway
Just like before

 Pretty Handsome Awkward – The Used
(megaupload) (sendspace)

Your dream vacation, smile hostage refuge
A work in progress you bleed
Just like you puke while running a mile
I beg to differ, make me an offer
Warm summer rain you bleed
Just like you puke while running a mile

 End of the World – Armor For Sleep
(megaupload) (sendspace)

Pack all your bags and lock all your doors behind
Clear out the cities and pray for your little lives
You've all escaped, I've stayed
I'm so tired of running away

 For You – The Calling
(megaupload) (sendspace)

I am a vision
I am justice
Never thought that I could love
Living in shadows
Fading existence
It was never good enough
Within the darkness
You are the light that shines the way
But you're trapped in violence
I can be the man who saves the day

 I’m Lost Without You – Blink 182
(megaupload) (sendspace)

I swear that I can go on forever again
Please let me know that my one bad day will end
I will go down as your lover, your friend
Give me your lips and with one kiss we begin
Are you afraid of being alone
Cause I am, I'm lost without you
Are you afraid of leaving tonight
Cause I am, I'm lost without you

Hope you enjoy!

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Cute little SPN boys are cute!


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They were created by the uber-talented [ profile] nerrianah (found here) and now they creep around my work desk and keep the boss ghosts and demons away. *g*

EDIT:  While looking at the pics, I keep thinking that someone needs to write Honey, I Shrunk J2 or Honey, I Shrunk the Winchesters fic! *nods*

I'd been thinking about creating a poll like this for a while, ever since watching the Paley interview when Jensen said that he'd first auditioned for the part of Sam Winchester.  It made me wonder what it would be like now if Jensen had played Sam and Jared (or another actor entirely) had played Dean.  And then I started to wonder: What would it be like [Poll #1349005][Poll #1349005]

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Black and White (800x496)






Other colors available upon request. :o)
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Perhaps appropriate for the way S4 might be headed...?

Title:  Gray on a Blue Day

Author:  Cricket (aka cricket52579)

Pairing:  Jensen/Jared

Rating:  PG

Warnings:  Jensen waxing poetic.

Disclaimer:  All pretty little lies.

Spoilers:  None
Summary:  Just what color are Jared's eyes, anyway?

Feedback:  Is much appreciated.


Never a dull moment during blue days. Never a dull night either. )

Jared was out playing in the snow with the dogs when he peered in the window and caught a glimpse of what was waiting for him inside the house.  He just had to take a picture to forever remember such a beautiful sight.....

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Blame me not for the incoherent thoughts about the epi.  I'm still quite a bit dazed, to say the least...

Spoilery spoiled spoilers under the cut... )

Okay, I've compiled a buttload of pics from my vacation to Hilton Head Island, SC and I'm excited to share them because some of them turned out really awesome.  *iz proud*

Click on pic for slideshow.


And on a completely different note, I read an article this morning about the Supernatural Chicago Con that I thought was really sweet, seen through the eyes of a con first-timer. You can read all about it HERE.  Also, tinhats everywhere must be squeeing after reading the tiny article about the boys on (Also posted by [info]keepaofthecheez and [info]pre_expansion)  Oh, boys.  Seems even folks outside the fandom are "noticing" your epic love bromance. 

Happy Tuesday, all! :D