This ep was twisted and made me squirm like no other.  The gore - Dean torturing Alastair, Sam drinking Ruby's blood, Anna stabbing that spike through Uriel's neck......eww eww EWWWW!!!  I had to look away from the screen more than a few times!  But O.....M.....G!.......DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAN!!! D:  Dean was the first seal!  And now the Apocalypse must end with Dean!  That's why they need him, because it begins and ends with DEAN!  He broke my friggin heart while in that hospital bed....what he said. :'(  And he cried.....AGAIN!! I can't take much more of this!!!  This battle, this war............we are never going to have our snarky, lovable, pie-eating Dean back.  He's never going to be the same.  I know the show has to change and grow and be different.  It can't stay like S1 and S2 forever, that would just be boring and redundant.  But Jesus H. CHRIST what is happening to our boys?!  They can't DO this to them and then make it all ok in the end.  I just....I just want to sit in the corner and cry for them.  DX

ETA:  The actor who plays Alastair is mutha effin on the MARK!  He freaked me the hell out.  Kudos to him for making me truly scared of fictional TV demons. *shivers*

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