Title:  Three - (sequel to "Home" and "Morning")
Author:  Cricket (aka cricket52579)
Rating:  PG-13
Pairing:  Scott / Logan (Scott POV)
Word Count:  4,487
Summary:  Scott has a bad day . . .
Disclaimer:  I own nothing and no one, although I wish I did.  *sigh*


Have a great day, Sweetie!

Logan and Scott miss you lots!!!  ;-)

Title:  Morning - (sequel to "Home")
Author:  Cricket (aka cricket52579)
Rating:  NC-17
Pairing:  Scott / Logan (Logan POV)
Word Count:  1,500
Summary:  Logan is glad to be home . . . and shows Scott just how glad.
Disclaimer:  I still own nothing and no one.

I woke to the sound of soft humming....  )
Title:  Home
Author: Cricket (aka cricket52579)
Rating:  PG (for language)
Pairing:  Scott/Logan (Logan POV)
Word Count:  937
Summary:  Logan comes home.
Disclaimer:  I own nothing and no one blah blah blah...


I just had a wonderful time reading ridesandruns FanFiction archive.  The hilarious one-shots kept me in stitches as I read about what happens during a day in the life of the X-Men when they're not out fighting crime and ridding the earth of evil-doers.  Sadly, there isn't any slash (DARN!) but there are a few slashy moments like Logan calling Scott "cupcake" among other cutesy pastry nicknames that made my day.  Most of the fics revolve around Scott, Jean, Logan, Hank and Warren (not to mention Darwin - omg! so cute!), but do expect cameos from Rogue, Bobby, Jubilee and even Emma Frost (and Lola, heehee). And all of them are very much in character which makes the fics that much more wonderful and enjoyable! These stories, which ridesandruns has cleverly created, have been archived for a while, but it's the first time I've stumbled upon them and thank goodness I did! I couldn't help but share them with my flist. :D  Enjoy!

A Day In the Life of X-Men

Cyclops is a little confused about his feelings towards the new Wolverine guy.

Oooooh! And I've found the perfect song to describe Scott and Logan's rocky "relationship".  It's called Realize by Colbie Caillat.  Just an FYI for all you wonderful video makers (or fic writers) out there who need a new song inspiration for Scott/Logan or any Jimmy/Hugh videos or fanfics. Hint hint.  ;-)


And thank you so much for writing your wonderful fanfictions!  *HUGZ*

I wanted to write something a little different, something that I, myself, have yet to read out there in Scott/Logan Ficville.  I wondered what it would be like if Logan had met Scott long before either one of them ever came to Xavier's School for the Gifted.  Before Scott's mutation, before Logan's adamantium-laced skeleton.  The timeline of events in this little fic may be a bit skewed, but in my X-Men universe, anything can happen. ;-)


Title: Ships That Pass in the Night
Rating: PG (for Logan's language)
Scott and Logan (Logan's POV)
Timeline: AU, pre X1
Summary: A chance meeting in a small airport in Alaska many years ago.....
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. :-(
Reviews: Welcomed and appreciated. :-)

I know most of you probably already know about this site, but for those of you who don't (or for those of you who want a quick link), check out The Medicine Wheel for some great X-Men fanfiction. There you will find novels, short stories, crossovers, slash archives, and oneshots involving X-Men characters.

I especially recommend the novels (which are movie-based) Special: The Genesis of Cyclops, which is a prequel to the X1 movie, and Grail, which starts after the end of the X2 movie. To get the full effect of the characters and their origins, I recommend reading those two novels in succession. But honestly, all of the novels and other stories on this site are amazing and are even complimented with photos of the characters (i.e. - James Marsden, Hugh Jackman, Famke Janssen, etc). 

So if you are interested in X-Men fanfiction, don't hesitate to check out this site. And those of you who have already read Minisinoo's work know why I'm giving it and her such high praise.

The Medicine Wheel

Special: The Genesis of Cyclops




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